Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hubbl delivery service?

Hubbl is a delivery service that helps you to get your online purchases (or basically any package you want) delivered to your house until midnight. You choose the exact day and hour that suits you best for the delivery of your packages, and you can say adios to waiting again in line to pick up your package at the post office.

How much does it cost?

Hubbl charges 4 € per delivery. The first delivery you can get for free in exchange for a Tweet or a social post. Simply use the “Pay with a Tweet” button before you sign up.

Why is this better than sending
the package directly to me? 

If you use Hubbl delivery,  you don’t have to be home during normal delivery time in order to receive your googs, and you will never have to go and pick up the boxes yourself from a post office or locker. We can bring it to you until midnight of the same day.

Are my packages safe?

Each package that you send to us is documented very carefully. We take pictures of the package from every angle. We note the company that made the delivery, the driver's name, time of delivery, and condition of the package. We take these precautions to make sure that your belongings are handled with care from the time we receive it to the time we make the delivery. If there are any disputes about the condition of the package or the working order of its contents, this information will help with the resolution. If you have questions about insurance or safety precautions, please email us.

How does it work?

After you sign up you will receive your own Hubbl delivery address which you can use for any package that you would normally send to your home or work address. We will inform you when your package arrives at our secure hub, and at your request we will bring it to your place until midnight on the same day, or whenever you pick a day.

Will it take longer to get my packages?

Under no circumstances. Your packages will be available for you the same day they arrive at our hub.

How do I pay?

Once the package arrives at our premises we will send you an email form so you can chose the time and date when you want your package to be delivered. You can also use this form to make a direct Paypal payment. If you prefer you can also pay in cash when our deliveryman arrives with your package.

Where does Hubbl deliver?

Hubbl is at the moment available in Barcelona, and will open in additional cities around Spain soon. Let us know where you are by signing up and we will keep you posted about the next cities we are going to go.

Who delivers my packages? 

The Hubbl drivers are professional delivery men and women in Barcelona. They are courteous, professional, and friendly. They go the extra mile to make sure that your belongings are handled and delivered with care. Each driver passes a thorough background check and driver history examination to ensure safety and reliability.